LIRR 2002

Club car OYSTER BAY is laying up in its namesake’s yard on 1/03/1959.
George E. Votava photo, Dave Keller archive

Train 552 climbs the Mount Olivet grade west of Fresh Pond on the lower Montauk branch. Alco C420 locomotive 204 leads commuter club car 2003 OYSTER BAY, six coaches and bar car in this August 6, 1970 scene.
Photo by Richard F. Makse

Club car OYSTER BAY wearing MTA LIRR colors of the 1970s.
Photo by Tim Darnell

The former OYSTER BAY has found a new home in Norvell Township, Michigan, where it adjoins a private residence. One can only speculate exactly how the current owner is "re-purposing" this car. Once can be more certain that the cost of moving the car from New York to Michigan by rail, and then moving it over the road to its current location, was a substantial expense.
Google Earth view, provided by Ed Frye

Updated on 7/22/2016